What are y'alls favorite clubs/activities to take part in at Barnard? By the way I've been asking y'all a ton of questions and the answers have all been wonderful, thanks for doing this!

Oh boy, where to begin! First of all, you are very welcome. I’m glad we’re helping you out! :D

First and foremost, we are both very active and proud sorority sisters. That itself is quite a commitment, but we love it and it has completely changed our college experiences for the better. Beyond Greek life, there are some amazing things to do on both Barnard’s and Columbia’s campuses. Stressbusters is a really cool club—basically they give people free massages! Also there’s CU Sign, the sign language club, where you can go to learn or practice the skills you already have. There’s Orchesis, an entirely student-run dance group, as well as the Columbia dance team and a bunch of other dance groups ranging from ballroom to hip-hop as well as including cultural dance styles. The Columbia University Marching Band is really cool and famous for being very funny (look that one up, you won’t be disappointed!). You don’t even have to play an instrument to join! There are endless publications and endless opportunities to get involved on many different levels. I have friends who merely edit every now and then and I have friends who are on the managing board of the official Columbia newspaper which is a HUGE commitment! Basically any interest you have can be met. And if it’s not, it’s very easy to start your own club! I feel like I’ve listed a lot of things but I know I haven’t even made a dent. Every semester we have club fairs where all these countless organizations set up tables and you can sign up for their email lists. I’m still on some of those from my freshman year even though I didn’t end up joining the club. :P

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